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                 Fulfillment Services and Distribution Services are the core service offering of CYBERNATICS… it’s what we do. We have robust “best-of-breed” systems technology, modern and scalable operating facilities, a terrific labor force, experienced management personnel, passionate inventory control procedures… all of which is in place to support the pick, pack and shipment of client orders to both business and consumer destinations. Getting inventory items shipped accurately, routed properly and delivered on time is of course an imperative function for our clients’ businesses on so many levels. At CYBERNATICS, we take this responsibility to heart, knowing that our clients’ success depends upon our execution, and we instill these thoughts with every employee as a part of our own corporate culture… “Give the client your thought, energy and effort as if it were your own business, because when the client succeeds, we succeed!”

CYBERNATICS manages Fulfillment Services and Distribution Services for a wide variety of industries, but for the most part, the service functions that fall within the broad category of “Fulfillment Services”, and the operational processes we follow within these services remain somewhat consistent over the array of industries we serve. Below is a brief listing of some of the service categories of Fulfillment we offer at CYBERNATICS:

Order Management:

Fulfillment services companies today must have the flexibility to exchange order and inventory related data in a variety of electronic formats with a multitude of outside companies… and do in routine fashion throughout each workday. CYBERNATICS has the ability to accept orders in almost any format and configuration (including EDI formats), process the orders through our systems, and return updated shipping and inventory data that is central to each clients business needs. Our Technology Team works closely with each client to establish the most efficient and effective data exchange routine, with CYBERNATICS either providing our standard import/export specifications, or with CYBERNATICS mapping data to the client’s preferred specs.

At CYBERNATICS, we take order management beyond the technical to the intangible, as we work closely with the client every day to manage critical timelines, deadlines and priorities associated with particular customer orders. During the Client Transition Process (CTP), the CYBERNATICS Team will work with the client to clearly understand the nature and nuances of the orders we are managing, the schedule we need to adhere to for picking up orders, and how to identify special instructions within the order detail and data exchange.

Marketing Materials Fulfillment Policy:

Databases, Deadlines, Details… managed from the Desktop! Let CYBERNATICS Fulfillment Services provide your dream solution for pack-out and marketing materials fulfillment. Kitting and shipping P-O-P and other marketing materials is a core competency of CYBERNATICS. At CYBERNATICS, our expertise with Marketing Materials Distribution includes: P-O-P, large format print (from vinyl to foam core), marketing brochures, sales kits, personalized kits, complex corrugated displays and more. CYBERNATICS provides sophisticated database management systems that allow client web access, store profiling, campaign development and other custom features. On the pack-out side, we understand how best to avoid damage in transit and will work with the client to acquire appropriate packaging for the materials being shipped. We also understand the importance of managing the order and ship-to database, including the guaranteed days in transit for Standard Ground service to ensure packages show up by the “must arrive by” date without the added expense of expedited air shipping.

For businesses that ship marketing materials and/or promotional materials to retail locations, field sales, publicity and marketing databases, CYBERNATICS offers a complete back-end systems solution that can be both Customized and Verified! Whether its location profiling to determine the components and budget of a new in store marketing campaign, setting regional criteria within a database to target your marketing efforts, tools to allow stores or sales reps to direct order marketing materials, database sort options, user friendly campaign development, “must arrive by” features that help to direct carrier service levels … CYBERNATICS will fine-tune the system to meet your marketing demands.

Consumer Fulfillment:

Fulfillment Services are a huge part of the customer shopping experience, and at CYBERNATICS, we don’t disappoint! At CYBERNATICS, we appreciate clients who appreciate their customers, and those who stress to us the importance of a quality customer experience. Although we are quite efficient and competitive in what we do, quality service remains a defining and differentiating attribute of the CYBERNATICS fulfillment organization. CYBERNATICS truly understands the intricacies and challenges associated with direct response fulfillment services, and the important role we serve in creating a high-end customer experience. Immediate turnaround on orders, protecting goods in transit, professional presentation, gift-wrapping, personalized notes… if customer experience and service reputation is important to you, CYBERNATICS is the right choice for your business.CYBERNATICS can pick and pack for a thousand SKU web-catalog, or bulk presort a single SKU large volume DRTV campaign… and put margin back into the pockets of our customers by maximizing shipping and handling efficiencies. Our operating systems are also tooled with the latest in direct response functionality and flexibility, allowing CYBERNATICS to integrate as a seamless back-end operation for the clients we serve. 

Ecommerce Fulfillment Services:

Whether it’s an online catalog or an online “one-off”, CYBERNATICS knows what it takes to handle all facets of direct response fulfillment over the Internet, including the complexities of exchanging multiple data files at various times throughout the day (EDI or FTP).

DRTV/Infomercial Fulfillment Services:

CYBERNATICS has the systems and capacity to ship thousands of orders every day and save our clients’ money through our operating and shipping efficiencies. CYBERNATICS will often receive containers of product, and bulk presorts ship the entire lot within 24 hours of delivery.Continuity Program of CYBERNATICS: CYBERNATICS operating systems offer flexible, functional and reliable continuity order fulfillment logic. If your continuity program has unique functional demands, chances are there isn’t a “bell or whistle” that we can’t manage. “CYBERNATICS has become very familiar with our product catalog and customer base. Since we moved operations to CYBERNATICS, we have.

Inventory Management:

When our clients succeed, we succeed, and Inventory Management plays a critical role in this success.At CYBERNATICS Fulfillment Services we understand that critical business decisions of our clients are driven by their inventory status and availability. When our clients access inventory information from our warehouse management system, that information must be accurate. With CYBERNATICS integrity at stake, Inventory Management becomes the personal responsibility of every member of the CYBERNATICS Fulfillment team. Each department at CYBERNATICS follows strict procedures with checks and balances for receiving, put away, pulling orders, location replenishment, bin moves and ongoing quality control (including cycle counts). Still, systems and procedures cannot do the job alone… passion is critical, and at CYBERNATICS, it’s a requirement! 

Controlling tens of thousands of stock keeping units (SKUs) for dozens of clients is no easy task. The operational methodology employed by CYBERNATICS Fulfillment Services allows us to eliminate inventory data corruption simply by following the rules of our operating system. In most cases, bogus inventory comes from circumventing the system. At CYBERNATICS, we never circumvent the system… instead we research problems with a dedicated Inventory Management team, find the answers quickly and ensure the system reflects accurate numbers. When errors are encountered, we immediately report them to the Inventory Management department, document the issue, correct data in the system and research the cause of the error. We don’t stop until the issue is resolved, and our findings are used to either amend/improve procedures or retrain CYBERNATICS personnel who brought about the error. We take the time because we know… when our clients succeed, we succeed.